It is a well-accepted fact that for success in any business, one requires trained and skilled employees. Any great vision without great people is irrelevant. With the Academic background of MBA, backed with professional acumen and approach with quality years of matured experience in pharmaceutical industry, I resumed AFIRST LIFESCIENCE PVT.LTD as CEO and I am proud of what we have achieved. I had a vision that has become a reality, of being an innovation-led transnational pharmaceutical company. We at AFIRST personally believe in contributing in making the world a healthy and lively place to live in and keeping this vision we took small steps providing high quality medicines to global market and commenced export of pharmaceutical formulations.

We initially commenced marketing pharmaceutical formulations in African countries and now has spread our wings in operating major international markets viz Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Tanzania, and CIS countries and Latin American markets . The company has registered 250 products in these market and 250 products pending approvals. We have also exported our brands to Russian countries and all our brands are well accepted in these markets.

At AFIRST, we love what we do to deliver quality drugs with affordable prices. This is our social priority. it is this has created a culture to outperform in all that we do. To be able to stretch and strive for what you believe in and have the faith to walk down a path that no one has been before that is what makes great innovations happen, that is also what makes a truly world class organization. At AFIRST, we are charged with the ability to pre-empt and address what society needs, anticipate challenges and turn them into opportunities, to give shape to, and enrich life every day.

As we look to the future, it is clear that what we do today is going to define tomorrow. With our feet firmly planted in today, we envision a bigger and brighter tomorrow.

Prior to concluding, I would like to thank our Associates for their trust, all of our employees for their commitment, and our business partners for their continued and valuable support in this endeavour. We know that a lot remains to be done. Our early success has given us the confidence, respect, and credibility. With our feet firmly planted in today, we envision a bigger and brighter tomorrow. We are confident of transforming AFIRST LIFESCIENCE PVT.LTD into a global pharmaceutical giant.